Gift Baskets

Olga extra-virgin olive oil, Fire-roasted red peppers. Greek giant beans in tomato sauce, Helios pasta for pastachio, Kalamata pitted olives and Stuffed grape leaves with seasoned rice.   Greek honey, Greek giant beans in tomato sauce, Nescafe Frappe coffee, Greek coffee pot, Helios orzo and sour cherry whole fruit preserves.  

Greek honey, Nescafe Frappe coffee, Frappe shaker, Sour cherry whole fruit preserves, Greek coffee and Greek Coffee pot.   Fire-roasted red peppers, Pepperincini, Olga extra-virgin olive oil, Giant Greek beans in tomato sauce, Pitted Kalamata olives and Grape leaves stuffed with seasoned rice.  

Santorini Meltimi white wine, Santorini Meltimi rose wine, Olga extra-virgin olive oil, Misko Pasticho pasta, Helios Pasticho pasta.   Pitted Kalamata olives, Extra-virgin olive oil, Pitted Agrinion green olives.  

Olga Greek Dolmas, Zenith Greek Dolmas and Zenith Giant Beans.   Fire-roasted red peppers, Extra-virgin olive oil, Pepperincini.  

Loumides Greek coffee and Greek coffee pot.   Loumides Greek coffee, Nescafe Frappe coffee.  

Pitted Agrinion green olives and
Pitted Kalamata olives.
  Sour Cherry whole fruit preserves and Greek Honey.